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Ibrahim Seaga Shaw,

Chairman, RAIC,

Sierra Leone


Being a part of AFPREA means so much to me as it gives me the opportunity to team up with a multidisciplinary group of researchers drawn from across the continent researching into conditions for peaceful relations between states, groups and people all over the world. Constant conflicts are serious threats to international peace and security. I see the role of AFPREA as very vital to reducing the current global tension. By researching into these conflicts, and situations that could lead to them, information that will provide guidance and make positive impact in resolving them or preventing them from escalating will be obtained. My expectations are that, AFPREA members would apply themselves to this noble course of contributing to peace building in our rather volatile world, by sharing and consolidating ideas and supporting each other in our researches. So, to participate in the activities of AFPREA with the aim of facilitating global peace through research is laudable and I invite all likeminded researchers on the continent, to team up for this laudable venture.

Stephen Amoah,


I extend my sincere gratitude and appreciation to AFPREA through its affiliate IPRA for giving me the opportunity to be a full, active participant and participatory member of these important Associations. Being an AFPREA member has brought me so much joy and pleasant grace full with pride of being an African. I warmly appreciate you all as my fellow peace researchers and honored to be in your midst. As AFPREA, we should strive is to ensure that Africa is free from terrorism, continue to address peace and security issues across the continent in all angles so that the region remains secured and peace sustained continuously. It is a call of duty for all of us AFPREA members to unite and bring onboard more responsible and committed members for the fruitful running of the Association and the African continent. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Jande Veronica Demby,

Sierra Leone

La recherche de la paix et de la stabilité mondiale doit être les maitres mots de notre adhésion à l’organisation IPRA et ensuite AFPREA. L’engagement en faveur de la paix, sa recherche continue et constante, sa préservation pour un équilibre mondial plus solidaire et prospère, constituera encore pour de longues générations d’humains, et chacun de nous au sein d’AFPREA, la clé essentielle d’une société mondiale mieux éduquée, plus développée, plus prospère, plus solidaire, dynamique, consolidée et stable. Cet engagement ne doit jamais faillir en nous, car il est le gage d’un monde meilleur, pour la préservation des générations futures. [The quest for peace and global stability must be the hallmarks of our membership in AFPREA and IPRA. The commitment to peace, its continuous and constant search, its preservation for a more united and prosperous global equilibrium, will constitute for the long generations of humans, and each of us within AFPREA, the essential key to a better educated, more developed, more prosperous, more united, dynamic, consolidated and stable global society. This commitment must never fail in us, because it is the pledge of a better world, for the preservation of future generations. ]

Léopold Yéo NANGORGO,

Ivory Coast

I am pleased and delighted to be member of AFPREA and look forward to introducing more dynamism and energy. I am equally excited to share on the duties and provide some propositions for the benefit of AFPREA. Be assured of my support and determination to achieve some palpable results.

Laeed Zaghlami,



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